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People have always enjoyed devising puzzles, either for fun or as an intellectual challenge. As the different branches of Mathematics have developed, so too has the range of puzzles (Kraitchik 1943). These brainteasers have helped to advance our understanding in many areas from logic to the study of shapes found in nature, and interestingly these number games and more are preserved as murals, writings, and inscribed copper plates & gaming boards in the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, Mysore (Vasantha 2002), which were invented by the Raja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar III (1794-1868). Surprisingly, one thirty seven year’s later, meager information has been revealed to the board game historians, but the resources that constitute the Raja’s legacy comprise veritable abundant resources. This extraordinary resource is of crucial importance in the study of Indian board games, but no-one has paid attention to the matter so far, because much of it is complex and demanding.

The book deciphers the games and puzzles, disentangle the complex figures and numerals bequeathed by the Raja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar III (1794-1868) and discern the meaning behind the symbols and devices employed and presents a comprehensive picture of the game legacy of the raja, also try to demonstrate that Games and the playing of games are not simple objects of amusement but phenomena of high significance for contemporary cultural and religious history.

Finally very important aspect I would like to lay emphasis is the works of the King is a treasure of knowledge and they need immediately to be preserved, promoted and in-depth investigation, but for now, I confine myself to develop an awareness of a hidden knowledge that will become very valuable to all, seekers of cultural heritage especially Mysore.


Title Maharaja’s Games and Puzzles
Pub Foerderkreis Schach-Geschichtsforschung e.V.Kelkheim/Ts.Germany
Author Professor R.Vasantha
Preface Dr. Irving Finkel, British Museum, London august 2006
Format paper back
Pages 60 (colored)



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