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Can you solve this Puzzle?

This is a board of 8x8 squares.


Puzzle is:

  1. A single horse has to be moved on the squares like a chess board.
  2. The final shape of the horse movement should give rise to a Siva Lingam.
  3. Where does horse starts its tour and ends, so that the re-entry problem is solved?


  1. 24 squares may be kept vacant without moving the horse, but which squares? You decide.

Are you aware of Chess Play? If not please read this:

  1. Horse is moved on a chess board in an L shape. Horse is allowed to occupy any unoccupied space on the board, which is two column and one row or two rows and one column away from the cell he is in, regardless of whether or not the intervening cells are occupied.
  2. Horse is not supposed to visit the same square more than once.
  3. The solution to the re-entry problem is closed if the horse gets back to its starting position in a single move otherwise the solution is open.

Do you know what Siva Lingam is?

Siva is represented in a variety of forms.  One such form is as a lingam.  The ovoid shape is a representation of the absolute perfection of Lord Siva - if that which is beyond form had to be given form, the lingam would be the closest form to the mystical experience of the absolute perfection of Siva.  

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