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single track

This single track game is called Panchi”, is played by two persons to mark out along the track starting from the opposing crosscut squares, the first player to complete the looped course and return home wins. The track is set out as a series of cells with right angle turns, square holes of 5x5 cells forms a looped circuit, cross-cut cells, (representing safe squares) occur at the corners and at the junction of the right angle turns. The board has 60 squares, out of which 48 are looped circuit and 12 are safe squares. Players have 5 pawns each of red and black color and the game is played by 7 cowries. The action is controlled by throwing cowries, requiring 1, 5 or 7 to enter the game and the same number allows the player to play again. The other numbers 2, 3, 4 and 6 allow the player to normally move his pawn. When all the 7 cowries are thrown on their back, the player looses a chance. Landing on an opposing player’s piece captures the piece, unless the piece is on a cross cut Safe Square. An exact throw is required to ‘get out’ and there by win the game.





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