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This Galactic Chess, by the King, Krishnaraja wodeyar III as designer, may be considered as one of the best works of the “Chess” tradition. Though it has not received any popularity until date, may now create enthusiasm among the players.

Set up: Two players are played on board twelve squares by twelve, unchecquered.  


1.       the first square of the first row is the place of elephant and is on a1, l1 and a12, l 12

2.       the second square of the first row is the place of horse and is on a2, k2 and a11, k11

3.       the third house is the place of flag and is on a3, j3 and a10, j10

4.       the fourth is the place of chariot and is on a4, i4 and a9, i9

5.       the fifth is the place of camel and is on a5, h5 and a8, h8

6.       the sixth is the house of the King and is on a6 and a7

7.       the seventh is the house of the minister and is on a7 and a6

8.       Pawns fill the whole of the second and eleven ranks.



1.       The Raja moves as the King

2.       The mantri moves as the Queen.  

3.       The elephant moves as the Bishop.  

4.       The Ratha, or Chariot, moves to the 4th square in four directions

5.       The camel moves diagonally

6.       The Horse, moves as the Knight.  

7.       The flag, moves to the 3rd  square diagonally

8.       Soldiers have no multiple steps

The sole object of the game is to gain control over the opponent and to lock the other player's movement, and demonstrate one’s own intellect, calls the game as “balabali”, a metaphor for a minuscule warfare, where one’s strength is displayed.

In this board, some pieces, work together well, and choosing them in combination adds to the value of the army as a whole; the team as a whole is considered and described. The whole army has been designed and the king describes an array called “garuda+vyuha” and displays the pieces, where the opponent cannot penetrate, minister positioned straight to the King in f7, camel in d5 & d8, chariot in d4 & d9, flag in e3 & e10 and horse and chariot at equal distance from the minister maintaining balanced force and the soldiers in c 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

The King has not fully explained the workings of the Game, but he offers also a vague insight into its spiritually alluring nature and its relation with Zodiac positioning and movement.



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