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In this Column, every month we’ll introduce you to an exciting new game that has come long way with us from decades and we might not even know more about that.

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IRVING FINKEL is a man of many and varied interests. His special subjects are Ancient Mesopotamian Studies, Cuneiform writing, Lexicography, Medicine, Esoterica and the study of Ancient Magic, he is also a leading authority on the games of Asia, specially Indian Pachisi. .
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Play these games to promote game heritage.
In order to learn, play and enjoy, take the help of the book
Maharaja’s games and puzzles
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The site familiarizes you with Indian traditional board games, card games, number games, puzzles, tricks, brainteasers and CHESS. The dictum of the site is to make you aware of the importance of Indian game heritage, which is gradually vanishing. How many of you know “the chess played on a board originated in India”?

We try to update you with exciting information, gathered from painstaking research. We thrill you every month with a Game Unheard of and a Game Champion.

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